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  • Chronic Wasting Disease, Iga Stasiak, Provincial Wildlife Health Specialist, Ministry of Environment
  • Solid Waste Update, Richard "Porky" Porter, Chair, Solid Waste Advisory Committee
  • Intensive Livestock Operations, Grant Zalinko, Executive Director, Livestock Branch, Ministry of Agriculture and Ralph Liebel, Executive Director, Community Planning Branch, Ministry of Government Relations
  • Clubroot in Saskatchewan, Barbara Zeisman, Provincial Specialist, Plant Disease, Ministry of Agriculture

Presentations will become available pending permissions from presenting organizations

  • Carbon Tax - Todd MacKay, Prairie Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  • CP Rail - Jarad Farmer, Managing Director, Sales - Grain
  • Pest Bio Security - Betty Johnson, Division 3 Plant Health Officer, SARM
  • Liability Risk Management - Craig Williams, Director of Insurance and Benefit Programs, SARM
  • Solid Waste Management - Jeff Dereniwiski, Environmental Protection Officer, Landfills Section, Ministry of Environment

  • SARM Programs Update - Laurel Feltin, Director of Programs and Opertations
  • Civic Addressing - Cynthia Mamer, Civic Addressing Administrator, Ministry of Government Relations
  • Carbon Tax - Todd MacKay, Prairie Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  • Drainage - Clinton Molde, Executive Director, Integrated Water Services, Water Security Agency