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Property Self-Insurance

At the 2001 SARM Annual Convention, delegates directed the Association to investigate the feasibility of a Property Insurance Program for its members. This resulted in a group Property Insurance Program being facilitated through the brokerage firm Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc, beginning in 2002. After the SARM Act was amended mid-way through that year, the path was cleared for the Property Self-Insurance Program to launch on January 1, 2003, and the brokered group insurance program ended.

Like the Liability Self-Insurance Plan which came before it, the Property Self-Insurance Program (PSIP) is unique in that participating municipalities share in the benefits and the responsibilities of acting as their own insurers. Over the years, the program has grown in terms of both funds held in reserve and participation. From 134 participants in 2003, the program has grown to include 224 Rural Municipalities.

The program provides what is referred to in the insurance industry as an “All Risk” type of Commercial Property insurance policy. Equipment Breakdown (Boiler & Machinery) coverage is available by endorsement for additional premium. If you are interested in learning more about these options, please contact us.


Incidents that could lead to claims should be reported to SARM promptly. The report should provide as many facts as possible. In many cases, a professional claims adjuster will be assigned to work through the claim with the municipality. To report a claim, please complete the Claim and Incident Report Form and email it to cwarnecke@sarm.ca or fax it to SARM at 306.565.2141.

PSIP Claim and Incident Report Form

After a loss, the municipality is responsible for taking reasonable steps to prevent further damage from occurring. Outside of this requirement, we would ask that repair or replacement of damaged items does not take place until after the claims adjuster or SARM has advised that doing so is in order.

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Colin Warnecke, Manager of Risk Management
cwarnecke@sarm.ca or 306.761.3946