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See what the SBAC is doing to eliminate the broadband digital divide in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Broadband Action Committee (SBAC) is a cross-sector and community-based group of provincial, local, and Indigenous organizations and networks. The SBAC was formed through a shared and collective concern and understanding over the issues and lost opportunities for all citizens related to broadband connectivity across the province.

The key focus of the SBAC is to assist with addressing long-standing issues affecting broadband connectivity; and, advise and direct actions leading to a shared strategy, investment, and vision. The SBAC is committed to achieving broadband infrastructure parity by 2024, and exceed the CRTC standard by 2027, for all Saskatchewan residents, regardless of location.

To achieve this, the SBAC has identified four key building blocks for change:

  • Enhanced Awareness, Local Capacity, and Digital Competency
  • Improved Regional and Indigenous Collaboration and Stakeholder Partnerships
  • Elevated Community Access and Infrastructure Development
  • Strengthened Industry Partnerships and Market Development

Committee Representation

The Saskatchewan Broadband Action Committee is comprised of the following representation:

  • Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities
  • Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce
  • Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations
  • Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association
  • Saskatchewan School Boards Association
  • Saskatchewan Indigenous Economic Development Network
  • Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance
  • New North Networks
  • Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
  • Clarence Campeau Development Fund
  • Regional Colleges of Saskatchewan
  • Industry participation (SaskTel, Telesat,
  • FlexNetworks, Wood River, Access, and
  • Xplornet)

Additional Information


Jay Meyer, Board Co-Chair
306.761.3721 or jmeyer@sarm.ca

Jean-Marc Nadeau, Board Co-Chair
306.525.4387 or ceo@suma.org