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The MCDP was formally launched in November 2006. Its roots are based on the outcomes of the Clearing the Path Initiative and developed as a partnership between SARMSUMANew North and Government Relations.

MCDP Resources

A major role of the Municipal Capacity Development Program is to provide research for the municipalities it serves.  The vast collection of resources in this section has been compiled over the last few years with the aim of helping municipalities to answer common questions and overcome issues that are often faced by Saskatchewan communities. MCDP strived to provide the most relavent information for municipalities.

Cooperation for Growth - The Regional Groundwater Developing and Mapping Project - RM of Gull Lake No. 139 (2007 SMA Winner) Economic Development Leadership - Town of Shellbrook
Improve Economy of the Town of LeRoy and the Local Region - Town of LeRoy (2007 SMA Finalist) Tisdale and District Development Board - Town of Tisdale and RM of Tisdale No. 42
Buffalo Narrows Economic Development Corporation - Northern Village of Buffalo Narrows Stonegate Commercial Development - City of Melfort
Economic Research and Development Project - Town of LeRoy Fife Lake Rail Project - RM of Hart Butte No.11, RM of Poplar Valley No. 12, RM of Willow Bunch No. 42, RM of Old Post No. 43, RM of Stonehenge No. 73, Town of Coronach, and Town of Rockglen
Population Growth Program - Town of Allan Economic Development Leadership - RM of Mankota No. 45 and RM of Glen McPherson No. 46
Prince Albert and Area Regional Strategic Plan - City of Prince Albert Coronach Economic Development Committee - Town of Coronach and RM of Hart Butte No. 11
Economic Development Leadership - RM of Paddockwood No. 520 Assiniboia Regional Economic Alliance - Town of Assiniboia, Village of Limerick, RM of Excel No. 71, RM of Lake of the Rivers No. 72, RM of Stonehenge No. 73.
A New Attitude: Run the Town Like a Business - Town of Battleford

Cardboard Collection and Recycling - Town of Wynyard Old Wives Lake Nature Area - Town of Mossbank and RM of Lake Johnston No. 102
Canora Source Water Protection Program - Town of Canora Conservation and Land Donation - RM of St. Andrews No. 287
Co-operation for Growth - RM of Gull Lake No. 139 RM of Lakeland Environmental Advisor - RM of Lakeland No. 521
Long Term Control of the Richardson Ground Squirrel - RM of Mankota No. 45 Rural Recycling Program (2013) - RM of Canwood No. 494
Recycling and Public Awareness - Town of Coronach Keeping it Green Program (2013) - City of Lloydminster
Regional Landfill Construction - RM of Canwood No. 494 and the Villages of Debden and Canwood Rural Recycling Program (2014) - RM of Canwood No. 494
Landfill and Recycling Partnership Program - Town of Mossbank, RM of Lake Johnston No. 102, and RM of Sutton No. 103 Environmental Management Plan (2014) - District of Lakeland No. 521
Waste Reduction and Management - Town of Outlook Water Conservation Measures Bylaw (2014 Winner) - Town of Lumsden
Compost Program - Town of Shaunavon Urban Hen Pilot Project (2015) - Town of Strasbourg
McKell Wascana Conservation Park - City of Regina

Municipal Office Restoration - Town of Kerrobert The City of Humboldt's Heritage Values - City of Humboldt
Saving our Past for our Future - Town of Ogema Albert Street Memorial Bridge Restoration - City of Regina
The Renaissance Gaiety Theatre Project - Town of Gravelbourg War Memorial Restorations - City of Moose Jaw
Dysart History Book Committee - RMs Lipton No. 217, Cupar No. 218, North Qu'Appelle No. 187, and Kellross No. 247, and the Villages of Dysart and Lipton Maple Creek Heritage District - Town of Maple Creek

Saving Creighton Lodge - RM of Estevan No. 5, in partnerships with RM of Benson No. 35, RM of Cymri No. 36, RM of Coalfields No. 4, RM of Cambria No. 6 Maple Grove Place Condominium Project - Town of Rosthern
Town of Hanley Senior's Housing Complex - Town of Hanley Equity Building Program (2013) - City of Saskatoon

Collaborative Office Expansion Project - RM of Buckland No. 491 and RM of Prince Albert No. 461 Joint Human Resource and Facilities Equipment Agreements (2015) - Resort Villages of Thode and Sheilds

Regina's Bicycle Network Plan - City of Regina Municipal Infrastructure Investment Plan - RM of Prince Albert No.461
Adoption of Long-term Development Plan - RM of Edenwold No. 158 Municipal Land Use Policy - Resort Village of Island View
Inter and Intra Municipal Economic Development - RM of Britannia No. 502 Hafford Community Sustainability Plan - Town of Hafford
Municipal Collaboration to Address Housing Shortage - RM of Gull Lake No. 139, RM of Webb No. 138, and RM of Carmichael No. 109 The Weyburn Regional District Planning Commission - RM of Weyburn No. 67 and City of Weyburn
Social Development Division in the Community Services Department - City of Prince Albert Calling Lakes Planning District Commission - Town of Fort Qu’Appelle, RM of North Qu’Appelle No. 187, Resort Village of B-Say-Tah, Resort Village of District of Katepwa, Resort Village of Fort San, Village of Lebret, Village of Lipton
Town of Herbert Council Support Active Participation in Regional Collaborative Initiatives - Town of Herbert, RM of Excelsior, RM of Morse, RM of Lawtonia, Town of Morse, Village of Waldeck, Village of Hodgeville North of Divide Planning District Commission - RM of Loon Lake No. 561, RM of Meadow Lake No. 588, RM of Beaver River No. 622, City of Meadow Lake, Village of Dorintosh, Village of Goodsoil, Village of Loon Lake, Village of Pierceland
Community Development - Town of Wapella Joint Use Agreement (2013) - City of Humboldt

Enhanced Protective Services - RM of Fox Valley No. 171 Jansen and District Fire Hall - Village of Jansen and RM of Prairie Rose No. 30
Fire Protection, Municipal Water System and Waste Management Partnership - Town of La Ronge and Northern Village of Air Ronge EMO Manual (2013) - Resort Village of the District of Katepwa
Joint Rescue Unit - Town of Rosthern, Town of Duck Lake, Town of Waldheim, Town of Hague, Village of Laird, RM of Rosthern No. 403, RM of Laird No. 404, RM of Duck Lake No. 463, First NAtions of Beardy's #96, and First Nation of Okemasis #97 Shared Bylaw Enforcement (2014) - North of Divide Planning Commission (Members participating include: Village of Loon Lake, RM of Beaver River, RM of Meadow Lake, Village of Pierceland, Village of Goodsoil, Village of Dorintosh)
Joint Municipal Fire and Rescue Station - Town of St. Walburg, RM of Frenchman Butte No. 501 and RM of Mervin No. 499

Joint Municipal Solution  Building - Town of Preeceville Doctor's/Medical Professionals Residence - Towns of Rosthern, Duck Lake, Waldheim, Hague, RMs of Duck Lake No. 463, Rosthern No. 403, Laird No. 404, Villages of Hepburn and Laird
Municipal Sign Program - RM of Big Stick No. 141 Anti-bullying Bylaw (2013) - Town of Eston
Primary Daycare - Village of Vibank Cabri Medical Clinic (2014) - Town of Cabri, RM of Miry Creek, RM of Riverside, RM of Clinworth, RM of Pitville, Village of Abbey,Village of Hazlet, Village of Pennant, Village of Lancer, Pennant Colony, Abbey Colony, Wheatland Colony
Snow Removal - Town of Meadow Lake Doctor Recruitment and Community Health & Wellness Centre (2015) - Town of Kamsack

Community Engagement Process - City of Saskatoon Open Data Portal - City of Regina
Red Paper Clip Project - Town of Kipling Community Branding (2013) - Town of Eston
Service Regina - City of Regina The Tony Day Family Medical Clinic (2013) - Town of Carnduff and RM of Mount Pleasant No. 2

Beautify Bengough - Town of Bengough Village of Hazlet Wind Powered Rink Complex - Village of Hazlet
Blairmore Civic Recreation Centre - City of Saskatoon Aviva Plaza Project - City of Yorkton
Community Recreation Program - RM of Big Stick No. 141 Urban Orchard (2013) - Town of Eston
LivCom Project - Town of St. Walburg Downtown Market Square (2013) - City of Swift Current
Tourism Development - Town of Eastend and RM of White Valley No. 49 Revitalization of Merchants Bank of Canada building into Humboldt and District Gallery (2014 Winner) - City of Humboldt
Recreation Centre Regional Partnership Practice - Rural Municipality of Buckland No. 491, Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, and Little Red River Band Administration Cugnet Performing Arts Center (2014) - City of Weyburn
Renovate/Remodel Town of Watrous Civic Centre - Town of Watrous Humboldt Community Trails (2014) - City of Humboldt
Centre 48 Arts and Education Centre - Village of Montmartre and RM of Montmartre No. 126 Cumberland House Community Market Garden (2015) - Northern Village of Cumberland House
The Renaissance Gaiety Theatre Project - Town of Gravelbourg NB International Street Performer Festival (2015) - City of North Battleford
Dysart History Book Committee - Village of Dysart Jubilee Park (2015) - Town of Shaunavon
Assiniboia Communities in Bloom Participation Program - Town of Assiniboia

Strengthening Relationship between the City and the RM - City of Estevan and RM of Estevan No. 5 White Butte Regional Planning Commission - Town of Balgonie, Town of White City, Town of Pilot Butte, RM of Edenwold No. 158, (Village of Edenwold - observing)
Regional Partnership to Operate and Improve the Kindersley Airport - Town of Kindersley, RM of Kindersley No. 290, RM of Oakdale No. 320, RM of Prairiedale No. 321, RM of Antelope Park No. 322, and RM of Milton No. 292 North Valley Intermunicipal Organization (2013) - RM of Lipton No. 217, RM of Cupar No. 218, RM of Longlaketon No. 219, RM of McKillop No. 220, RM of Kellross No. 247, RM of Touchwood No. 248, Town of Southey, Town of Cupar, Village of Lipton, Village of Markinch, Village of Earl Grey 
Regional Leadership and Partnerships - Town of Shellbrook Last Mountain Waste Management Steering Committee (2013) - RM of McKillop No. 220, Town of Strasbourg, Resort Village of Island View, Resort Village of Glen Harbour, Resort Village of Sunset Cover, Resort Village of Pelican Pointe, Sun Dale Developments, Collingwood Resort Properties, Organized Hamlet of Collingwood Lakeshore Estates, Organized Hamlet of Uhl's Bay, Organized Hamlet of North Colesdale Park, Organized Hamlet of South Colesdale, Organized Hamlet of Spring Bay, Organized Hamlet of Mohr's Beach, Organized Hamlet of Sorenson's Beach, Organized Hamlet of MacPheats Park
REACT Waste Management System - REACT Waste Management District (consisting of 47 municipalities) Disrtict Health Foundation (2013) - Town of Kipling, RM of Kinsley No. 124, RM of Hazelwood No. 94, RM of Silverwood No. 123, Town of Glenavon, Village of Windthorst, Village of Kennedy, RM of Chester No. 125 
Mid Sask. Municipal Alliance - RM of Prairie Rose No. 309, RM of LeRoy No. 339, RM of Usborne No. 310, Town of LeRoy, Town of Lanigan, Town of Watson, Town of Watrous, Town of Nokomis, Village of Jansen, Village of Drake, Resort Village of Manitou Beach Moose Jaw - Regina Industrial Corridor (2014 Winner) - City of Moose Jaw, City of Regina, Village of Grand Coulee, Town of Pense, Village of Belle Plaine, RM of Sherwood, RM of Pense, RM of Moose Jaw
North of Divide Community Association - RM of Beaver River No. 622, RM of Meadow Lake No. 588, RM of Loon Lake No. 561, City of Meadow Lake, Village of Loon Lake, Village of Dorintosh, Village of Goodsoil, Village of Pierceland Regional Municipal Plaza (2014 Winner) - RM of Baildon No. 131, RM of Hillsborough No. 132, RM of Rodgers No. 133, RM of Moose Jaw No. 161, RM of Caron No. 162
Wakaw Lake Stewardship Group -  RM of Hoodoo No. 401, Resort Village of Wakaw Lake, Town of Wakaw, Wakaw Lake Regional Park, (with special interest group The Property Owners of Wakaw Lake) Weyburn Planning District Commission (2014) - City of Weyburn, RM of Weyburn No.67
Industrial Area Growth Through Partnerships - RM of Pense No. 160, Village of Belle Plaine Planning for Growth Services Agreement (2015) - R.M of Mervin No. 499, R.M. of Frenchman Butte No. 501, R.M. of Parkdale No. 498, R.M. of Turtle River No. 469, Town of Turtleford, Village of Paradise Hill, Village of Glaslyn, Village of Mervin, Village of Edam
Twin Lakes Planning Commission (2013) - Town of Nipawin, Town of Choiceland, Town of Carrot River, RM of Moose Range No. 485, RM of Nipawin No. 487, RM of Torch River No. 488, Village of White Fox, Village of Codette, Resort Village of Tobin Lake

Alternate Method of Utility and Tax Payments - RM of Wise Creek No. 77 Carver Governance Model - Town of Kindersley
Intermunicipal Co-operation - City of Estevan and RM of Estevan No. 5 Strategic Planning - Town of Kindersley
Municipal Co-operation - RM of Meota No. 468 and Village of Meota Fleet Funding Stabilization and Equipment Modernization Strategy - City of Regina
Special Projects Co-ordinator Position - Town of Carlyle

Power Mobile Equipment Operators' Train-the-Trainer Program - North Central Transportation Planning Committee Municipal Co-operation - RM of Moose Creek No. 33, RM of Browning No. 34, RM of Benson No. 35, and RM of Cymri No. 36
Intergovernmental Cooperation for Primary Highway Development - RM of Browning No. 34 (2007 SMA Winner) Torch River Rail Project - Town of Nipawin, Town of Choiceland, Village of White Fox, and Rm of Torch River #40
Alternate Truck Route Network - RM of Redburn No 130 and RM of Elmslthorpe No 100 North East Quadrant - RM of Arborfield No. 456, RM of Bjorkdale No. 426, RM of Connaught No. 457, RM of Hudson Bay No. 394, RM of Kelvington No. 366, RM of Nipawin No. 487, RM of Porcupine No. 395, RM of Preeceville No. 334, RM of Tisdale No. 427, RM of Torch River No. 488
Contracting Road Grading Services - RM of Big Stick No. 141 TransitLive Configuration - City of Regina in partnership with CRL Engineering
First Nation Road Access - RM of Canwood 494 Saving the Rail Line Initiative - RM of Antler No. 61
Full-Depth Subgrade Strengthening of Roadways - RM of Brittania No. 502

Kindersley East Rural Water Pipeline - RM of Kindersley No. 290 Water Treatment Process - Resort Village of Sun Dale, RM of McKillop No. 220
Super Winch Water Service Connection - City of Regina Logan Green Water Management System (2013) - City of Yorkton
Relocation of Sewage Treatment Facilities - Town of Fort Qu'Appelle Kindersley Waste Water Project (2015) - Town of Kindersley
6th Street Storm Water Drainage Project - Village of Buena Vista Water Usage Agreement and Wastewater Pilot Project (2015) - Village of Leask
Paradise Hill Water Plant Upgrade - Village of Paradise Hill Yorkton Industrial Compost Processing Facility (2015) - City of Yorkton
Residential Septic Utilities - RM of Corman Park No. 344 Lystek Biosolids (2015) - City of North Battleford
Dundurn and Area Wastewater Utility - Town of Dundurn, RM of Dundurn No. 314, Resort Village of Thode and Resort Village of Shields

Want to work together? Here's how to do it yourself.

At MCDP, we follow a common process to help inter-municipal groups get started. However, no two working groups are the same; each with their own style; with differnet leadership; initiatives; and rate of progress. If your municipalities want to work together, the steps outlined below can help you do so.

Use the following survey to find out what your municipalities have in common with regards to services, infrastructure, plans, bylaws, and policies:

Each partnership is unique, relating to the purpose of working together. Some may choose to establish an informal working relationship with an MOU, or address a specific issue through a particular intermunicipal agreement.

  • Intermunicipal Agreement Templates - See "Inter-Municipal Agreements" drop-down menu at top of page

Develop an intermunicipal strategy by creating a common vision, mission, and values. Identify your priorities, goals and objectives and put your plan into action!

Once a strategy is developed for the regional priorities, information needs to be gathered to make the most informed decisions. Create a socio-economic profile to outline the statistical view of the region and undertake a community resource inventory of all local individuals, infrastructure, businesses, etc for a detailed understanding of each community.

These guides are the product of MCDP's experience facilitating inter-municipal groups all over Saskatchewan, and can be used to help municipalities navigate their own regional groups.  For more guides and helpful resources be sure to visit the Resource Material page on this website.

This guide provides assistance in developing direction and priorities for inter-municipal groups, and guidance on how to ensure the actions become a reality.  The guide helps to define the focus of a plan; assess the situation in communities; lay out a plan for the future; and develop the tools to monitor progress in the plan.

Provides guidance on compiling, analyzing, and interpreting regional statistics to give a "bird eye" view of the socio-economic environment.  This guide can help municipalities to identify unique and shared characteristics in their communities to support growth strategies, development plans, and grant writing.

The guide introduces asset inventories and their practical application.  Provides the "big picture" perspective to connect regional planning and related resources.  Inside the guide you find out how to prepare and conduct a resource inventory and how to use it effectively.

DISCLAIMER: All of MCDP's workshop modules and related documents are developed for the purpose of educating and assisting Saskatchewan inter-municipal working groups. They are not intended for profit.

2015 Regional Planning Forum: June 10, 2015:

In partnership with the Ministry of Government Relations and the Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute, MCDP presented at the Forum to support regional planning and District Planning Commissions in Saskatchewan.

2014 Regional Planning Dialogue: May 27, 2014:

The session was facilitated by Community Planning and MCDP to offer District Planning Commissions and other regional planning groups across Saskatchewan the opportunity to network and share knowledge.  The challenges and opportunities shared during the dialogue will assist in the development of future programming and resources to further support regional planning in Saskatchewan.

MCDP Inter-municipal Conference Materials (2012 and 2013)

MCDP can provide presentations on a multitude of different inter-municipal topics.


Building Trust in Partnerships Sustainable Strategic Planning Session
Governance and Working Together Sustainable Municipal Development in Saskatchewan

The First Nations-Municipal Community Infrastructure Partnership Program (CIPP) - improves the ability of adjacent First Nation and municipal governments to partner and improve community infrastructure New Hampshire Communities Planning Together and CTAP - A Guide for Community Driven Regional Land Use and Transportation Planning
A Framework in Support of Water for Life: Alberta's Strategy for Sustainability -The purpose of this document is to describe how landowners, communities, organizations, industry, and governments can get involved in timely and effective actions for the sustainable management of Alberta's watersheds. South Red Deer Regional Wastewater Commission
Twinning in Thailand: Part I An Effective Municipal Partnership - The Federation of Canadian Municipalities program is designed to provide opportunities for partnering municipal administrators, staff, and political leaders to share their experiences and apply their knowlege in practical situations in different cultures and communities.

The team at MCDP has put together a list of useful links that highlight examples of what communities from across the globe have done with vacated school buildings in the past.

St. Patricia Alexandra School, Halifax, Nova Scotia A. W. Darymple School, Winthrop, Massachusetts, USA

In addition to these links, other options to explore include (please refer to your purchasing agreement for usage restrictions):

Strip Malls - hair salons, grocery stores, health food stores, local clothing stores, tanning salons, etc. Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities: Sears, various farm equipment/manufacturing operations, etc
Rental Property - storage, office spaces Accomodation: Motels, apartments
Community Centre - host a variety of things such as: dance classes, yoga, aerobics, information training sessions ie: excel training, powerpoint training sessions, etc. Alternate Institutional Use: Churches, Senior Citizen Homes, etc.
Community Learning Centre

The Municipal Capacity Development Program has worked with over 275+ municipalities which comprise more than 40 inter-municipal working groups across the province. This page is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of some of the inter-municipal groups we have assisted since 2006.

Southwest Regional Planning Group

Cornerstone Community Planning Group

"MCDP has been instrumental in moving us forward towards developing a better understanding of one another and creating a positive working relationship between the R.M. of Moose Mountain, the Village of Manor, and the Town of Carlyle" ~Huguette Lutz~

Mid Sask Municipal Alliance (MSMA)

"MCDP helped us with the formation of the MSMA and continues to help by leading us through our annual review and planning session.  This is vital in helping us remain focused on the areas we can and want to address so that the time and efforts of the group and our Planner are best utilized" ~Bruce Elke~

Twin Lakes District Planning Commission (TLDPC)

"MCDP helped our nine municipalities bridge the differing opinions and objectives each one had. They were instrumental in finding the common ground and guided us in building the plan to move forward with our District Official Community Plan" ~Lewis Robin~

 "I really believe that regional co-operation and planning is the answer for urban and rural municipalities. We have far more similarities than differences yet we have our own identities. The support and guidance provided by the staff with the Municipal Capacity Development Program has been a god-send in our progress to date" ~Hugh Macdonald~

North of Divide Community Association (NODCA)

“We’re achieving services that would be impossible on an individual basis and the group provides a sense of uniformity throughout the region, while respecting the uniqueness of individual municipalities” ~Perry Brookes~

North Valley Inter-municipal Organization (NVIMO)

"The Municipal Capacity Development Program (MCDP) assisted and was very helpful when the North Valley Intermunicipal Organization formed a great networking group of urban and rural municpalities. By meeting regularly, municipal representatives have an opportunity to think regionally and discuss common interests and concerns. Everyone leaves the meetings with a more informed perspective of current issues in the area" ~Loretta Young~

Twin Rivers

"Our group was extremely pleased with the help the MCDP staff provided us when we were developing a Request for Proposal on a joint project.  In addition to helping us develop the proposal, they also showed us the importance of establishing criteria for evaluating proposals in order to guide us to make the best decision" ~Twin Rivers Group~

Wakaw Lake Stewardship Group

 “The Wakaw Lake Stewardship Group has been helped immensely by MCDP. We are grateful for the services offered through the program, with the knowledge of the MCDP development officers, and the resources which are available to the Wakaw Lake Stewardship Group. It has given us an opportunity to experience inter-municipal co-operation, and in the future, hopefully experience growth and economic development. With their help, we have come a long way - much farther than if we had been on our own" ~Catherine Mazurkewich~

Wilcox Strategic Planning Committee

 "The Municipal Capacity Development Program (MCDP) offered our group the leadership and assistance necessary to develop a strategic plan for our area. Small communities normally do not have the resources or expertise to develop and implement a strategic plan that creates and maintains growth in an area. Our small community, like most, had limited resources to work with. Through the assistance, leadership and professionalism of the MCDP staff members, our group was not only able to find a focus but was also able to develop a path for the future growth of the area. Interestingly, by developing a plan for the area, representatives of the group also became more aware of the individual strengths of each of the other participants. We feel we have been empowered to address the challenges of the future" ~Kevin Ritchie~

Val Marie Economic Development Committee

Buffalo Pound Community Councils (BPCC)