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2019 Annual Convention

  • Chronic Wasting Disease, Iga Stasiak, Provincial Wildlife Health Specialist, Ministry of Environment
  • Solid Waste Update, Richard "Porky" Porter, Chair, Solid Waste Advisory Committee
  • Intensive Livestock Operations, Grant Zalinko, Executive Director, Livestock Branch, Ministry of Agriculture and Ralph Liebel, Executive Director, Community Planning Branch, Ministry of Government Relations
  • Clubroot in Saskatchewan, Barbara Zeisman, Provincial Specialist, Plant Disease, Ministry of Agriculture

2018 Midterm Convention

2018 Annual Convention

2017 Midterm Convention

2017 RMAA Convention

2017 Annual Convention

2016 Midterm Convention

2016 Annual Convention

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2015 Annual Convention

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2014 Annual Convention


Division Meetings

2021 June Division Meetings

Presentations will become available pending permissions from presenting organizations

2019 June Division Meetings

  • Carbon Tax - Todd MacKay, Prairie Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  • CP Rail - Jarad Farmer, Managing Director, Sales - Grain
  • Pest Bio Security - Betty Johnson, Division 3 Plant Health Officer, SARM
  • Liability Risk Management - Craig Williams, Director of Insurance and Benefit Programs, SARM
  • Solid Waste Management - Jeff Dereniwiski, Environmental Protection Officer, Landfills Section, Ministry of Environment

2018 June Division Meetings

  • SARM Programs Update - Laurel Feltin, Director of Programs and Opertations
  • Civic Addressing - Cynthia Mamer, Civic Addressing Administrator, Ministry of Government Relations
  • Carbon Tax - Todd MacKay, Prairie Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  • Drainage - Clinton Molde, Executive Director, Integrated Water Services, Water Security Agency

2017 June Division Meetings

2016 June Division Meetings