Trailer Restriction

Res #: 21-02A
Number: 21
Year: 2002
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation

Resolution 21-02A 

WHEREAS, the quality of our provincial highway structure is quickly deteriorating; andWHEREAS, this can be attributed to the increased volume of heavy haul trucks on our highways, due to, in part rail line abandonment; and WHEREAS, our highways can no longer be exposed to heavier and heavier weights, like those hauled by King B Trailers;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that King B trailers be restricted to only hauling the maximum weights allowed on Super B trailers.

Response From the Honourable Mark Wartman:

Saskatchewan is a land locked province where only two feasible modes of transportation are available for shipping products to market: rail and trucking. Certain products are rail competitive while others are not. The products that must move by truck should move in the most cost effective manner taking into consideration public safety and the publicly funded infrastructure. This enables Saskatchewan products to remain competitive in an ever-increasing global market place.

There are currently five companies hauling product on the highway system with nine axle "B"-Trains (King "B"s). Two of the companies haul fuel, one serves the mining industry, one is a timber company and one is the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.

A process has been implemented by Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation which requires a prospective company requesting a Transportation Partnership Agreement to haul heavier weights to consult with the Area Transportation Planning Committee (ATPC) on its operations and proposed haul routes. This will allow committee members to discuss concerns with proposed routes and other issues directly with the company.

Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation has determined that 9-axle units, in most instances, can carry weights in excess of those carried by 8-axle units without compromising public safety or imposing any additional road damage. To limit the 9-axle units to 8-axle weights would directly increase the cost of transporting these products and erode the economic advantage of using these 9-axle units.