The Stray Animals Act

Res #: 13-08M
Number: 13
Year: 2008
Midterm: Yes
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Whereas The Stray Animals Act provides reimbursement to a municipality for transporting stray animals to a pound of up to $50 for 20 kilometres and $2 per km over 20 kilometres; and

Whereas municipalities may select pounds which are a considerable distance away, requiring substantially more expenditure for moving the animals than may be collected from the owner of the strays;

Be it Resolved that the SARM petition the Provincial Government for changes to The Stray Animals Act and Regulations, to increase the maximum compensation for moving stray animals.  

Response from Honourable Bob Bjornerud, Minister of Agriculture:

Regarding your call for changes to the Stray Animals Regulations, 1999, the Ministry is in the process of reviewing possible changes to the regulations, including proposals to update fee schedules related to the handling of strays.

Ministry officials would be pleased to discuss these proposals with the SARM Board of Directors.  Mr. Roy White, Manager of Regulatory Services, Inspection and Regulatory Management Branch, will contact you in the near future to initiate discussions.