Railways and Noxious Weeds

Res #: 14-22M
Number: 14
Year: 2022
Midterm: Yes
Expired: No
Responses Received: Yes
Departments: Canadian Transportation Agency

WHEREAS noxious weeds are a significant problem in many rural municipalities in this province.

WHEREAS railway right of ways are a significant problem in many rural municipalities in this province.

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM lobby the Provincial and Federal Governments to require railways to address the noxious weeds on their lands.

Responses From: Transport Canada

March 14, 2023

The safety and security of Canadians and the transportation system are Transport Canada’s top priorities. Under the Railway Safety Act, the department is responsible for regulating the safety of railway operations across Canada. It also oversees compliance by means of inspections and enforcement tools using tools and oversight systems in place under the Act.

Railway companies are responsible for complying with the requirements set out in the various Rules and Regulations that govern their operations. The management of vegetation that may pose safety hazards is covered under the Grade Crossing Regulations, the Rules Respecting Track Safety, and the Railway Extreme Heat and Fire Risk Mitigation Rules.

The department promotes collaboration between railway companies, provincial authorities, and municipalities to resolve issues that are outside of the regulated framework. I would encourage you to contact the railway companies regarding noxious weeds along the right-of-way and direct any specific questions on this matter to them.

The Honourable Omar Alghabra – Minister of Transport, Transport Canada