Moose Hunting Quotas

Res #: 13-11A
Number: 13
Year: 2011
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

WHEREAS the moose population in Wildlife Management Zone 22 has increased dramatically; and

WHEREAS there has been a great number of vehicle accidents involving these moose;

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM urge the Ministry of Environment to increase the Wildlife Management Zone 22 moose hunting quota for the 2011 big game draw.

Response from Honourable Dustin Duncan, Minister of Environment:

The Ministry of Environment is aware of landowner concerns regarding high moose populations in some areas of the province. In the past few years, moose seasons have been introduced throughout Saskatchewan. This will be the third consecutive fall for moose hunting in Wildlife Management Zone 22. The season was introduced in 2009 with a quota of 25 either sex moose. This was followed by an antlerless only quota of 25 animals in 2010 and plans are to continue this quota for the fall of 2011. These antlerless seasons target the removal of the breeding portion of the population and are intended to limit population growth.

In the long-term, we are undertaking a review of moose in southern Saskatchewan and will be developing a Farmland Moose Management Strategy. This strategy will examine the existing moose populations, the available habitat, public safety issues and depredation concerns. The expected results will identify areas that can support a viable moose population long-term versus zones where moose numbers will be maintained at a low level in order to minimize their impact.