Federal Government needs to hear rural Saskatchewan and Alberta

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has expressed the need to work on the relationship with the Western Provinces. SARM supports the Prime Minister reaching out to the premiers of Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as the mayors of Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Calgary. Saskatchewan and Alberta are home to more than large urban centers and a united approach involves a rural voice. The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) and Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) are the rural voice. We encourage the Prime Minister to connect with SARM and RMA to discuss the priorities of the rural western provinces and solutions to move forward.

SARM is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and SARM President Ray Orb is the Chair of the Rural Forum- the largest caucus group in the FCM Board and Committee structure, demonstrating the need for the federal government to engage the rural voice.  SARM supports the FCM call for federal parties to build a rural lens into the heart of the federal government to ensure rural realities are at the forefront.  All levels of government need to work together to build strong and vibrant rural communities across the west.

Priorities in rural Saskatchewan include investment in road and bridge infrastructure to support the movement of goods and services, reliable access to international markets, getting energy products to market, and the proper policies to help support the agriculture economy.

As a champion of rural Saskatchewan, SARM is committed to advocating on behalf of our rural municipalities. Saskatchewan is a resource rich province. The agriculture and oil and gas industries drive the economy, and many of our rural municipalities are home to industries that feed the world and fuel the economy.  Cultivating an inclusive approach for rural concerns will help to ease the current divide. The rural voice needs to be involved in the conversation.

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Ashley Leugner
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
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