SARM urges Saskatchewan residents to speak out about the canola crisis

Canadian canola is facing a crisis and Saskatchewan’s farmers are at ground zero. The future of our farmers’ livelihoods is at risk given the unresolved situation with China.

“We’ve seen no action from the federal government,” stated the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) President Ray Orb. “We’ve been to Ottawa, we’ve met with federal ministers, and still little is being done.  We need to raise our voice on this issue and we are looking to Saskatchewan communities and residents to get involved.”

Canola’s contribution to the Canadian economy has more than tripled in the last ten years, and Saskatchewan is the largest exporter of canola in the country.  Access to the world market is critical to the success of our agriculture industry.  A long -term ban will hurt Saskatchewan’s 23,000 canola farmers and negatively impact our provincial economy. This issue needs the immediate attention of our federal leaders.

“SARM is encouraging rural municipalities, communities, associations, stakeholders and the general public to support this urgent issue,” explained Orb. “A letter writing campaign urging the federal government to take action is available at – we all need to stand together for Saskatchewan’s canola producers.”

For more information please contact:Ashley LeugnerCommunications and Marketing Coordinator(306) 761-3931