SARM Pleased with Improvements to 2018 Crop Insurance Program

For Immediate Release 

SARM Pleased with Improvements to 2018 Crop Insurance ProgramOn February 27, 2018 the Government of Saskatchewan announced the 2018 Crop Insurance Program. SARM is pleased to see that several enhancements were approved for the 2018 program that will benefit producers in Saskatchewan.   The announcement that fire insurance will now be offered for pastureland is a welcome addition. SARM has been advocating for this change for several years. Producers will now be able to insure their pastureland for damages that occur because of wildfires. Fire insurance will be bundled with rainfall insurance resulting in more comprehensive protection for forages. “We have been working with the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation over the last few years and have been pushing for fire insurance for forages,” said SARM President Ray Orb. “We’re glad to see this will be an option for producers in 2018.” Changes to the Predation Program are also welcome news to SARM. This program provides compensation for livestock lost due to predation. The 2018 program will change how the minimum value paid for a lost calf is calculated. The market price in the fall will be used to establish the minimum value of the lost calf. “Compensation for lost calves due to predation will be fairer for producers” said President Orb. “Overall, the changes to the 2018 Crop Insurance Program look to be positive and will provide producers with more choice to protect their operations.”- 30 -For more information please contact:Jay MeyerExecutive Director(306) 761-3721 “SARM, the Voice of Rural Saskatchewan”