Funding for Forage, Livestock & Crop Research

For Immediate Release January 23, 2015

Funding for Forage, Livestock & Crop Research

Provincial Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart recently announced a $3.8 million investment in livestock and forage research through Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Development Fund. This funding will be used for a range of research projects for topics such as Procine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PED), forage varieties, air quality systems, agricultural recycling and cow/calf performance through diet.

“We are always glad to see investments in agriculture research. This funding will help improve productivity and sustainability in the long term for the forestry and livestock industry’, said Acting President Ray Orb.

In addition to the funding for livestock and forage research, Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, alongside Minister Stewart, announced $6.9 million in funding for crop-related research. This funding will be used to research ways to improve lentil varieties, enhance wheat midge resistance and reduce the risk of pathogen contamination for fresh fruits and vegetables, among many other projects. Similar to the investment made in forage and livestock research, this money will come through the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund.

Both pools of research funding will benefit all of Saskatchewan and Canada by improving crops, forestry sustainability and making the livestock industry more competitive. “The benefits to be gained from this research are important to Saskatchewan’s crops, forests and livestock, said Acting President Orb.” Acting President Orb went on to say that “SARM would like to thank both the Federal and Provincial Governments.”

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