2010 Midterm Convention

Over 800 delegates attended the 2010 SARM Midterm Convention held November 9-10 at TCU Place in Saskatoon.

On the day before the convention, the MLDP Municipal Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities module was held. Prior to this year, the module was held in both Regina and Saskatoon in late November. Feedback on this year’s format was very positive, providing new councillors with the opportunity to learn the basics before the convention, and save on travel costs.

Midterm presentation topics ranged from drainage rules and regulations to health delivery to succession planning. Agriculture Minister Honourable Bob Bjornerud addressed delegates and announced the Saskatchewan Feed and Forage Program (SFFP) to support livestock and forage producers affected by excess moisture. As well, he announced that Saskatchewan producers are now eligible for compensation for crop and forage damage caused by any wild animal, including beavers and blackbirds.

Thirty-two resolutions were debated, with twenty-eight carried. Visit the Resolutions page.