Rural Issues Are Highlighted in the Throne Speech

SARM was pleased by the recognition of rural issues in today’s Speech from the Throne. Revenue Sharing, education tax on property and agriculture hardships are three big issues facing rural Saskatchewan today and they were all highlighted.

The new revenue sharing formula will provide a full percent of the provincial sales tax to municipalities and education tax on property will continue to decline. “An improved revenue sharing formula and education tax relief are long standing issues for rural Saskatchewan and today government indicated that they will continue to make good on these promises,” says SARM President David Marit.

There were also indications that the province is fully aware of the negative impacts many agriculture producers have experienced due to extreme weather this year. Livestock and grain producers across Saskatchewan are facing financial hardships due to flooded fields, feed shortages and unseeded acres. Marit says, “We thank the Province for all of the assistance they have provided to date and hope that if more is required going forward they will be willing to help.”

SARM was also encouraged to hear that more provincial funding will be provided for air ambulance services. In situations of extreme trauma in rural areas hospitals are often hours away so more accessibility to air ambulance will help lessen medical response times.

“These issues are all of great importance to SARM and to rural Saskatchewan. We are looking forward to working together with the Province to achieve the rural goals outlined in the throne speech today,” says Marit.