Ministers Recognize the Livestock Crisis, SARM Hopes Short-term Assistance is a Top Priority

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) was encouraged by the outcome of the Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) meeting of agriculture ministers at Ottawa on February 9th, 2009.   

“SARM is pleased that Canada’s agriculture ministers recognize the economic crisis in the livestock industry and the need for effective short-term and long-term programs to help this industry through these difficult economic times,” said SARM President David Marit.  “SARM has supported and advocated this position at both the federal and provincial levels.”  

While encouraged by the consensus of the FPT meeting, SARM warned that help is needed quickly to improve the stability of the industry. “Our biggest concern now is that the required programming changes, necessary to assist the livestock industry in the short term, be implemented as soon as possible,” added Marit.  “The livestock industry has struggled economically since 2003 and is running out of time.”  

SARM and industry stakeholders urged Agriculture Ministers to make this a top priority and provide effective short-term programming to livestock producers immediately or face the possibility of a seriously weakened industry.