Water Supply for South Central Region

Res #: 10-10A
Number: 10
Year: 2010
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

WHEREAS many rural and urban municipalities in the South Central Region of our province are now facing critical issues with respect to a predictable quantity and quality of water resources; and


WHEREAS a sustainable supply of quality water is necessary for future human, livestock and continued economic existence and growth in the region;


BE IT RESOLVED that SARM work with SUMA and all other appropriate Ministries and Agencies to assist in developing strategy and planning implementation of a multi-use pipeline to the South Central Region to ensure a viable and sustainable water supply for our future.

Response from Honourable Nancy Heppner, Minister of Environment:

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority (Authority) has been working with municipalities and producers in south central Saskatchewan to address water supply concerns. The Authority provides information and technical assistance in an effort to ensure the water supply is sufficient to meet the needs of the user; however, prolonged periods of drought can put pressure on the resource, particularly on those utilizing surface water.

SaskPower owns and operates the Poplar River Power Station near Coronach, which relies on water from Cookson Reservoir. Located near the USA border in south central Saskatchewan, the area is subject to periods of low runoff. Over the years, initiatives to move water by pipeline from Lake Diefenbaker to Cookson Reservoir have been evaluated as a means to stabilize the water supply. Recently, SaskPower and SaskWater initiated work on a preliminary feasibility study of the pipeline water supply option. If pursued, the project would be subject to a number of scientific and technical considerations including potential impacts on the Lake Diefenbaker water supply. Please contact Mr. Mart Cram, Acting President of SaskWater, at (306) 694-3903 for more information on the preliminary study.

Other users within the south central corridor could potentially benefit from a project of this nature. The Town of Gravelbourg would be interested from a water quality perspective, and Assiniboia and Avonlea are among others that have experienced water supply problems. The results of the pre-feasibility study currently underway will provide valuable information to assess the viability of the proposed project.