The Rural Channel on Sasktel Max, Access and Bell Television

Res #: 22-19M
Number: 22
Year: 2019
Midterm: Yes
Expired: No
Responses Received: Yes
Departments: SaskTel

WHEREAS The Rural Channel (launched in 2013 across Canada) is a Canadian Television Specialty Channel, broadcasting out of Emerald Park, Saskatchewan, and distributed across Canada, that focuses on issues and policies that directly impact farmers, ranchers and rural residents in Saskatchewan;

WHEREAS Ag-Com Productions Ltd., the parent company of The Rural Channel has communicated with officials at SaskTel MAX, Access Communications and Bell Satellite as well as provincial Ministers in charge of SaskTel and Agriculture, to carry The Rural Channel, Canada’s Country View Television network;

WHEREAS after eight years of correspondence, The Rural Channel is still not airing on these three services;

WHEREAS Ag-Com Productions Ltd., (producers and copyright holders of The Prairie Farm Report), are looking for endorsement from SARM, to suggest and encourage SaskTel MAX, Access Communications and Bell Satellite to add The Rural Channel to their list of television channels available to the public;

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM communicate with SaskTel MAX, Access Communications, Bell Satellite and CRTC Commissioner for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the CRTC Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, to suggest, endorse, promote and back the efforts of Ag-Com Productions Ltd. to carry The Rural Channel, Canada’s Country View.

Responses From: SaskTel

December 6, 2019

As Saskatchewan’s leading communications and entertainment service provider, SaskTel strives to deliver a channel lineup that meets the ever­ evolving preferences of our customers.

To that end, SaskTel regularly reviews our offerings and evaluates the potential of adding new channels to our lineup. This review process takes many factors into consideration such as costs, carriage, overall customer demand and the availability of similar programming on existing channels.

Our most recent analysis of The Rural Channel (TRC) indicates that its addition to our lineup would not result in the lift of maxTV subscribers necessary to offset the significant upfront and ongoing costs to carry this channel. In addition, we believe that there are other channels already in our lineup that provide similar content and programming. As such, SaskTel has chosen not to carry TRC at this time.

With that said, I can assure you that TRC will continue to be given the same considerations for carriage as any other potential channel.

Doug Burnett – President and CEO