Single Integrated Library Systems Funding

Res #: 8-16M
Number: 8
Year: 2016
Midterm: Yes
Expired: No
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

WHEREAS under The Public Libraries Act, 1996, the province establishes the boundaries of the regional library systems and requires that all municipal governments within a regional library system must participate unless they are part of the provincially approved municipal libraries (Saskatoon and Regina), making libraries a joint responsibility of all municipalities and the province; and

WHEREAS The Public Libraries Act, 1996 sets out one of the main purposes of the provincial library system is to facilitate equitable access to basic library services by all residents of Saskatchewan; and

WHEREAS there is a limited ability for regional library systems to support their headquarters through the levy structure; and 

WHEREAS there is now a Single Integrated Library System (SILS) in place to ensure accessibility to materials for all residents the cost of which is born in part by municipalities; and

WHEREAS there is no fee for service with respect to use of the library; and 

WHEREAS the government has indicated that libraries fall under the Ministry of Education; 

BE IT RESOLVED that the Saskatchewan Association for Rural Municipalities (SARM) advocate with the Government of Saskatchewan to begin year-to-year funding increases for SILS and the library system, in order to: maintain pace with inflation and work toward 100 per cent provincial funding of Single Integrated Library System (SILS); ensure library services are provided to all residents of the province, regardless of where they reside or their financial circumstance; and to reduce the burden for the cost of Single Integrated Library System (SILS) on municipalities.

Responses From: The Ministry of Education