Rumble Strips

Res #: 10-09A
Number: 10
Year: 2009
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No

WHEREAS there have been several more deaths on our highways from head on collisions from wandering across the centre line since this was first brought to the attention of this delegation; and 

WHEREAS there is a simple solution that could eliminate some of the deaths; 

BE IT RESOLVED that on all new paved highways, both two and four lane, that rumble strips (such as those on the outside of the lanes) be put down between the lanes just to the side of the centre line, even if its only a six inch wide strip, to alert wandering drivers.

Response from Honourable D. Wayne Elhard, Minister of Highways and Infrastructure:

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure does employ Centre Line Rumble Strips (CLRS) as a safety feature where safety studies indicate that their use may reduce either head-on or opposite-direction side-swipe collision types.  The predominant target collision types are head-on and opposite-direction sideswipes due to inattentive drivers.  This essentially, eliminates the implementation of CLRS on 4-lane divided highways. 

Research and practices in other jurisdiction indicate that there should not be warrants for the use of CLRS.  Rather, implementation should be guided by guidelines based on engineering judgement considering factors such as traffic volume, number/rate of cross-over collisions, roadway type, geometry, experience of others, etc.  The locations of both CLRS and shoulder line rumble strips on Saskatchewan Provincial Highways are based on engineering guidelines that have been developed based on proven research.