Regional Landfill Costs

Res #: 12-14M
Number: 12
Year: 2014
Midterm: Yes
Expired: No
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Environment

WHEREAS the Provincial Government has increased the requirements for landfill construction by requiring engineered landfills including ground water and surface water controls; and

WHEREAS the Provincial Government encourages rural and urban municipalities to cooperate with waste collection and disposal; and

WHEREAS there are many Regional Waste Management Authorities province wide made up of rural and urban municipalities;

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM encourage the Provincial Government to assist with the costs of construction and expansion of new and existing regional landfills including equipment acquisition and replacement; and

BE IF FURTHER RESOLVED that SARM partner with SUMA in this endeavor.

Response from the Honorable Scott Moe, Minister of Environment

It is encouraging to see an increase in the formation of regional waste management  authorities between  rural and urban municipalities. The efforts  that many communities have been making towards  improving waste management systems and achieving compliance  is commendable. The requirements that are in place regarding landfill construction, operation and decommissioning to ultimately protect human health and the environment have been in place since The Municipal Management Refuse Regulations were introduced in 1986. We recognize that over the years, many landfill operations  have not had controls  in place to protect both ground and surface water and are now having to achieve compliance  with the requirements. Communities  are encouraged to continue  finding ways to collaborate  and work together to share the costs of effective  waste management to ensure that we maintain  a healthy environment and the health of our citizens.   We also encourage communities to look at other municipalities and regional waste management authorities that have successfully implemented adequate closure and construction activities for landfills.                    

Please be advised that any potential funding to assist with  landfill costs falls under the purview of the Ministry of Government  Relations.  As such, I have copied my colleague, Honourable Jim Reiter, for further response.