Predator Control

Res #: 16-06M
Number: 16
Year: 2006
Midterm: Yes
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Environment

Resolution No. 16-06M


WHEREAS, ratepayers in northern RM areas have experienced an increase in torn, maimed and killed livestock over the past several years; and 


WHEREAS, Saskatchewan Environment (SE) has not provided adequate assistance or compensation; and 


WHEREAS, SE should cover the costs of control of these animals because they have protected them in various ways;  


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we defend our ratepayers who are threatened with the loss and danger by coyotes, wolves, cougars, and bears; and 


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that SE remove all restrictions immediately so farmers and ranchers or their agents are allowed to protect their property; and 


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that financial assistance be provided to assist with predator control. 

Response from Honourable John T. Nilson, Q.C., Minister of Environment: 

Resolution 16 raises a number of concerns surrounding increased carnivorous predator numbers and an increase in incidents where livestock owners are facing loss or damage to livestock. 

Saskatchewan Environment has taken an aggressive and targeted approach to dealing with livestock predators.  For the purpose of protecting property or livestock, the owner or occupant of any land may without licence use any legal means to kill any coyote, wolf, cougar, or bear on their own land.  The killing of cougars or bears must be reported to SE.  Coyotes and foxes outside the Northern Fur Conservation Block may be taken without a licence at all times of the year by any Saskatchewan resident.   

Saskatchewan Environment revised its predator policy in October 2006 following meetings with representatives from nine Rural Municipalities in the northwest.  Key changes contained in the revised policy include the establishment of a Wolf Management Area (WMA) where RMs may designate individuals to remove wolves from RMs within the boundaries of WMAs and use of power snares for wolves may be approved under Special Permit from SE.  There is no cost for any Special Permit issued to remove predators; however, a producer is required to purchase a fur licence if he wished to sell the pelts.   

Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food provides $200,000 annually to fund the Saskatchewan Livestock Predation Program.  This program assists livestock producers with predation problems by assigning predator control specialists to remove problem animals.  There is no cost to producers to access the assistance of predator control specialists under the Program that is administered by the Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board.