MREP Rating Factors

Res #: 22-18M
Number: 22
Year: 2018
Midterm: Yes
Expired: No
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

WHEREAS the Municipal Road for the Economy Program (MREP) provides funding for municipal roads supporting economic activity or resource development and carrying substantial traffic volumes in the form of heavy trucks or high-volume light traffic, with economic generators, including recreation destinations, but not including First Nations;

WHEREAS under the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure’s previous Municipal Road Program, which MREP has replaced, roads to regional parks, resorts, industries or oil fields and First Nations were considered as special roads being roads leading to, and used mainly by, traffic associated with regional parks, resorts, industries, oil fields and access to First Nations;

WHEREAS municipal roads that provide an interconnection between a First Nation and a provincial highway or an urban community support the economic activity and development on the First Nation and these municipal roads carry substantial traffic volumes;

BE IT RESOLVED that First Nations be added as a rating factor in the program guidelines for the Heavy Haul – High Volume Roads component of the Municipal Roads for the Economy Program (MREP).

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