Moose Hunting

Res #: 11-09A
Number: 11
Year: 2009
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

WHEREAS the moose population in Wildlife Management Zone 47 has increased dramatically; and  

WHEREAS there has been a great number of vehicle accidents with these moose;  

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM urge the Ministry of Environment to permit moose hunting in Wildlife Management Zone 47 during regular hunting seasons.  

Response from Honourable Nancy Heppner, Minister of Environment:

Over the past five years moose populations in most agricultural zones, including
management zone 47, have increased  significantly. As a result of this population increase the ministry has expanded existing and created new moose hunting opportunities for Saskatchewan residents. Habitat conditions, access to moose herds and hunter success for moose in agricultural Saskatchewan are considerably different than in the provincial forest. As such, the ministry needs to balance increased hunting opportunity with measures to ensure that moose populations aren't over hunted in any given zone. It is for this reason that hunting opportunities for moose in agricultural zones are allocated through the Big Game Draw where harvest quotas can be assigned and managed in a sustainable manner. Although the harvest quota has not been finalized at this time, there will be a draw moose hunting opportunity available in zone 47 for the 2009 hunting season.