Lakeshore Development and Management Strategies

Res #: 20-18M
Number: 20
Year: 2018
Midterm: Yes
Expired: No
Responses Received: Yes
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations

WHEREAS there is significant development demands at Saskatchewan lakes;

WHEREAS the provincial government ultimately controls development through The Planning and Development Act and Community Planning branch;

WHEREAS the provincial government safeguards the environmental resources including air, land and wildlife;

WHEREAS multiple rural municipalities surround Saskatchewan lakes;

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM lobby the provincial government to work with these rural municipalities to design and implement development strategies on a regional basis for each lake.

Responses From: Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations

December 21, 2018

  • Land use planning is voluntary in Saskatchewan, which means councils can choose to adopt planning bylaws, such as an official community plan and zoning bylaw, under The Planning and Development Act, 2007 (PDA). These bylaws can help a municipality address matters related to the environmental, economic, social, and cultural development within their communities.
  • The Statements of Provincial Interest Regulations (SPI) provide guidance to municipalities on a number of topics, including Recreation and Tourism, Shore Land and Water Bodies, and Source Water Protection. Planning bylaws must be consistent with the SPI, which are flexible and objective-based. This means municipalities have the ability to create policies and development standards that meet their needs and local circumstances.
  • The Community Planning branch is the subdivision approving authority for 764 of Saskatchewan’s 774 municipalities. Once a subdivision is approved and registered with Information Services Corporation, municipalities that have adopted planning bylaws are responsible for the issuance of development permits. This process provides municipalities with the opportunity to ensure potential development complies with their planning bylaws.
  • The province encourages municipalities to enter into voluntary planning districts. When municipalities choose to participate in a planning district, that district has the opportunity to provide consistent shoreline development practices for each lake and/or region.
  • The Community Planning branch and partners, including SARM, offer a variety of training workshops and education material to assist municipalities with regional planning. The Community Planning branch also has a variety of information sheets to assist local councils with both lakeshore development and regional planning. Please contact the Community Planning branch and SARM for more information.

Keith Comstock – Assistant Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations