June Division Meetings

Res #: 3-17M
Number: 3
Year: 2017
Midterm: Yes
Expired: No
Responses Received: No
Departments: Matters Pertaining to SARM

WHEREAS SARM represents rural municipal government in Saskatchewan;

WHEREAS SARM takes direction from its members;

WHEREAS the SARM division three meeting is fundamental to municipal management practices;

WHEREAS the scheduling of the division three meeting conflicts with other equally important rural functions such as, but not restricted to the annual Farm Progress Show;

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM carefully considers scheduling dates for all division meetings to ensure dates do not conflict with the Farm Progress Show. 

3-17M – Response from SARM Board of Directors- March 2019

The 2018 SARM June Division meetings did not conflict with the 2018 Farm Progress Show.  The 2019 SARM June Division meetings will take place the week prior to the 2019 Farm Progress Show.  The SARM Board of Directors will ongoingly consider scheduling dates for all June Division meetings to ensure dates do not conflict with any future Farm Progress Shows.