Issuance of Duplicate Titles

Res #: 25-02M
Number: 25
Year: 2002
Midterm: Yes
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Information Services Corporation

Resolution 25-02M

WHEREAS, the cost of transfer of land has skyrocketed under Information Services Corporation (ISC); and 

WHEREAS, ISC has ceased to give an official sealed duplicate certificate of title to the new landowner;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that ISC reinstate the practice of sending a sealed duplicate certificate of title to all new land owners.

Response From Karen E. Banks, Acting Director, Land Registry:

In 1992, prior to the implementation of the LAND System, an amendment to The Land Titles Act prohibited the creation of any new Duplicate Certificates of Title (DCTs), and required their cancellation, except in exceptional circumstances. This amendment was passed following consultations, which concluded that DCTs were not necessary under a Torrens system, where the title discloses and reflects interests in land by registration. A DCT is not necessary to provide evidence of ownership, nor does it provide conclusive proof of rights, as it may not reflect certain interests registered against a title after the DCT was created.

Under the new LAND System, the same type of information that was apparent on a DCT is sent out automatically to the party who registers a transfer or change of ownership. There is no cost to the client for registration confirmations, which provide the new Title number, the reference land description, the parcel value, the name of the new owner, new client number information, registration numbers and the description of any existing Interests.

Certified evidence of ownership is available by requesting from ISC a "Title print" on security paper. Accurate and up-to-date Title information may be obtained quickly, easily and securely by searching the ISC Web site (, at one of our eight Customer Service Centres located throughout the province, or by writing or faxing ISC with a search request.