Inclusion of Tordon 22K as a GROU Listed Product

Res #: 27-09A
Number: 27
Year: 2009
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Health Canada

WHEREAS The Grower Requested Own Use Program (GROU) allows for eligible United States versions of Canadian registered products to be imported into Canada at US pricing; and 

WHEREAS Tordon 22K, a widely used product due to the increasing presence of noxious weeds and its effectiveness in their control (leafy spurge, scentless chamomile, field bindweed, etc.) is not currently a listed GROU program approved product; and 

WHEREAS consideration of Tordon 22K as a GROU Listed Product is imperative due to the necessity of the product in noxious weed control, and the large price discrepancy ($42.10 CAD per liter vs. $19.84 USD per liter) is a major barrier to producers and Weed Management Authorities in controlling noxious weeds; 

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM petition the Federal Government to have Tordon 22K added as an eligible GROU listed product. 

Response from Danielle Shaw, Chief of Staff, Office of the Minister of Health:

Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has forwarded the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities' Resolution to the GROU Nomination Committee.

The GROU Nomination Committee was formed to submit candidate products for consideration under the GROU Program for the benefit of Canadian producers with fair and equitable representation across agricultural sectors. Membership is made up of the Grain Growers of Canada, the Canadian Canola Growers Association, the Canadian Horticultural Council, Pulse Canada, Canadian Federation of Agriculture and AGCare.

The PMRA can assist with the formal submission process and evaluate the product's eligibility for the GROU Program once the Nomination Committee has determined its candidacy. For additional information on the GROU Program, please contact Mr. David Stubina, Senior Policy Advisor, Policy and Regulatory Affairs Division of the PMRA, at 613-736-3743.