Res #: 26-01A
Number: 26
Year: 2001
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Environment

Resolution No. 26-01A

WHEREAS, the majority of lands in rural municipalities in Saskatchewan are privately owned and leased lands; and

WHEREAS, the onus is now on the landowner or lessee to post the land and maintain the postings in order to have control of trespassers on their land; and

WHEREAS, posted lands are not being enforced by Conservation Officers, allowing hunters to destroy signs and continue to hunt; and

WHEREAS, most farmers just want to know who is on their land; T

HEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that it be mandatory for all persons to obtain written permission to hunt or access privately owned land or leased lands in Saskatchewan and that the onus be removed from the landowner or lessee to post the land to control trespassers.

Response from Hon. Buckley Belanger:

In the past, there has been little support from the rural community to make mandatory permission a requirement for all hunters. Many landowners have expressed that they do not want to be disturbed in the fall during their busiest time to talk to hunters. Another argument used in opposition to mandatory permission is that there is a high number of absentee landowners and this number appears to be increasing, thereby making the task of contacting the landowner a difficult one.

The department is diligent in its enforcement of those individuals who hunt on posted land to which they do not have permission and landowners are encouraged to call a toll free number (1-800-667-7561) to report any infraction. All calls are investigated. The department acknowledges SARM's request for mandatory written permission and will discuss this request with hunter groups and will present the request for discussion at the next Wildlife Advisory Committee meeting.

In the meantime the department will continue to encourage hunters to be ever mindful of the need to seek permission before entering onto privately controlled land regardless if the land is posted or not.