Highway Signage

Res #: 22-02A
Number: 22
Year: 2002
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation

Resolution 22-02A 

WHEREAS, rural municipalities in the Province of Saskatchewan require the installation of signs along provincial highways; and 

WHEREAS, the cost of supplying and installing signs by the Department of Highways is prohibitive;  

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that SARM lobby Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation to allow rural municipalities to provide and install signs that meet the signing standards and guidelines of the Department.

Response From the Honourable Mark Wartman:

The department recognizes that road name signs provide an "address" for our rural residents of the province.

The cost charged to the applicant for the signs is based on the principle of cost recovery only.

The costs are calculated by using an average-cost formula. Therefore, every RM is charged in the same manner, no matter where they are located in the province or the installation logistics of the individual signing request.

Working adjacent to highway traffic and within the department's right of way, requires a number of safety procedures be followed for the safety of the motoring public and the workers. Working around buried utilities permitted in the right of way also needs to be considered. Department crews have the proper training and equipment to adhere to these requirements and are able to provide the ongoing year-round maintenance both safely and efficiently.

The department plans to review the Road Naming Policy in 2003 and will be in contact with SARM for discussions.