Fund for Assisting STARS

Res #: 18-14A
Number: 18
Year: 2014
Midterm: No
Expired: No
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations

WHEREAS many smaller urban/rural areas are serviced by volunteer fire departments; and WHEREAS these volunteer fire departments are funded primarily on a fee for service provided; and WHEREAS STARS provides an invaluable service to the residents of Saskatchewan; and

WHEREAS volunteer fire departments are called from time to time to assist in the landing of the STARS helicopter; and

WHEREAS currently there is no fund set-up for the compensation of these volunteer fire departments when responding to a STARS call;

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM lobby the Provincial Government to work with the Fire Commissioners Office and STARS to establish a fund that would provide some compensation to volunteer fire departments when they are called to assist the STARS helicopter.


The Ministry of Government Relations (GR) is continuing discussions on the development  of a funding mechanism that will provide direct compensation to local fire departments for services at events where response is required, but payment is not received including STARS.

GR will coordinate further meetings with SARM, SaskPower, SaskEnergy, SGI, the Ministries of Health, Highways and Infrastructure, and Environment to develop and implement agreement parameters.

The process under consideration is:

  • Once a Crown or agency has been notified of an incident, Emergency Management  and Fire Safety would investigate and recommend reimbursement to the local fire department.
  • An outside agency such as SARM, that is already experienced in administering this type of program, would hold the funds and process the payment.