Communication of SaskPower’s Approach to Fire Claims

Res #: 24-18A
Number: 24
Year: 2018
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: Yes
Departments: SaskPower

WHEREAS in May 2017, SaskPower announced that it would be updating its approach to fire claims to voluntarily pay reasonable firefighting costs for claims received for fires that occur after March 2017, when a fire is found to be the result of:

  • the failure of SaskPower equipment,
  • wildlife contact,
  • vegetation contact from within SaskPower’s right of way, or
  • snow/ice.

WHEREAS this is a positive development, but many municipalities and ratepayers may not be aware of this change;

BE IT RESOLVED that SaskPower communicate this message with municipalities again to bring more awareness to the change.

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View SaskPower’s Approach to Firefighting Claims

Responses From: SaskPower

October 24, 2022

SaskPower has created a program called SaskPower Emergency Services Grant. This grant is offered once annually and is by invitation only. Money is awarded to local non­ profit first-response emergency services, including firefighters, in rural communities in Saskatchewan . It is intended to be used to purchase safety equipment, obtain professional training or deliver educational programs. 

SaskPower will keep track of those municipalities whom have had invoices denied under our current policy to ensure that they are invited to apply for the grant as outlined above.

The Honourable Don Morgan – Minister Responsible for SaskPower, SaskPower