Classification of Wolves

Res #: 22-15A
Number: 22
Year: 2015
Midterm: No
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

WHEREAS wolves in the province are responsible for substantial financial losses to farmers because they maim or kill livestock; and

WHEREAS livestock producers experience herd losses due to wolves chasing the cattle which are subsequently unable to get bred; and

WHEREAS wolves are a threat to farm families being outside; and

WHEREAS wolves are becoming domesticated and are often not scared of humans or machinery;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Ministry of Environment give wolves the same classification as coyotes.


The ministry  is aware that wolves are an increasing concern in the agricultural zone. A landowner  who deems that their livestock or property is threatened is entitled to dispatch wolves on their own private or leased land at any time provided they use legal means. They may also delegate this authority to a family member,an employee or a licensed trapper.

The holder of a fur licence may harvest wolves on any land where they have permission during the period from October 15 through March 15. It is the ministry's  intent to initiate consultation with key stakeholder groups to determine  if additional measures are required.