Beaver Control Program Compensation

Res #: 21-22M
Number: 21
Year: 2022
Midterm: Yes
Expired: No
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

WHEREAS prices for beaver pelts are low, thus discouraging trappers from trapping beaver for pelts.

WHEREAS the beaver population is increasing at an alarming rate.

WHEREAS there is an additional burden on RMs by having to hire companies with the equipment to unplug culverts and dynamite dams to prevent flooding of farmland/pastures and road damage.

WHEREAS the current beaver tail bounty program requires the municipality to pay half the cost of submitted beaver tails to trappers.

WHEREAS hunting and trapping is administered by the Ministry of Environment.

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM lobby the Provincial Government to have compensation be borne 100% by the ministry, rather than burden municipalities with any costs.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that SARM approach the Ministry of Environment and request that compensation for submitted beaver tails are paid in conjunction with beaver pelts as the ministry currently pays for these directly to trappers.