Banning of Plastic Grocery Bags

Res #: 10-14M
Number: 10
Year: 2014
Midterm: Yes
Expired: Yes
Responses Received: No
Departments: Saskatchewan Environment

WHEREAS plastic grocery bags are a source of pollution and disease;

BE IT RESOLVED that SARM lobby the Province of Saskatchewan to ban the sale and use of plastic grocery bags in the province.

Response from the Honorable Scott Moe, Minister of Environment

The Ministry of Environment is not considering banning plastic bags in Saskatchewan.  We feel that education  about switching to reusable shopping bags and promotion of recycling of plastic bags is a more effective  management method than a direct ban as it changes behaviour and encourages recycling of plastic shopping bags.

Currently,there are several retailers across Saskatchewan accepting used plastic shopping  bags at their stores.  You can find recycling information on the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council's website

Rural municipalities also have the opportunity to join the Multi-Material Recycling Program,the province-wide recycling program for household paper and packaging products,including plastic bags. This cost-sharing program provides financial support  for local recycling operations. For more information about joining the program, please visit the Multi-Material Stewardship Western website at