Leaders’ Responsibility During a Pandemic

As leaders of municipal associations, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) Board of Directors believes in leading by example, especially during the pandemic crisis that the world finds itself in today.  Numerous federal and provincial political figures from a range of parties have travelled abroad despite advisories to avoid all non-essential travel. SARM views this behavior as irresponsible and reckless; it diminishes public trust in political leaders.

As local government is the closest level to the people it serves, it is important that as community leaders we do our best to protect our family, friends, and communities by doing the right thing- which includes following advice regarding non-essential travel.  

“As SARM President, I can confirm that SARM’s entire Executive and Board of Directors have not travelled outside of Canada during the pandemic, and we continue to encourage all political leaders and the general public to follow public health measures and government directives,” stated Ray Orb.  

We are all in this together.         

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Corette Mihalcea
Communications & Marketing Coordinator
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