SARM Responds to Provincial Budget

For Immediate Release

SARM Responds to Provincial Budget

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) is pleased that the 2019 Provincial Budget is increasing dollars committed to initiatives and programs that benefit rural Saskatchewan.

The 2019-20 budget increases municipal revenue sharing to $251.6 million, $10 million more than the previous year. Rural municipalities (RMs) will receive over $71 million. Municipal revenue sharing is a dependable funding resource that RMs count on to serve their communities. SARM will always advocate to ensure that revenue sharing will be a consistent funding source for municipalities.

SARM is appreciative of the increase in funding to the Pest Biosecurity Programs. Funding for rat control will increase by $350,000, resulting in $3.2 million allocated to the agricultural programs administered by SARM. This funding will ensure that RMs are able to access important resources to control agricultural pests.

SARM is satisfied to learn that the Municipal Roads for the Economy Program (MREP) will once again maintain funding at $14 million. The government’s investment in infrastructure is beneficial to all of Saskatchewan. Safe and sustainable infrastructure is essential to the rural way of life.

“Growth and sustainability in rural Saskatchewan are priorities for SARM,” said SARM President Ray Orb. “Reliable funding models and investments in infrastructure and programs support these priorities.”

Continued investment addressing rural crime is welcome news to SARM. Funding to municipal policing initiatives, investment in the Protection and Response Team and Crime Reduction Teams align with SARM’s vision for a safe Saskatchewan. The $30 million increase to mental health services also stands out to SARM as an important investment in the lives of Saskatchewan people.

“Safe communities are always top of mind for every municipal leader” states Orb. “Whether it be safer roads, tools for crime prevention or access to health services, it all contributes to a stronger Saskatchewan.”

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