Municipal Management Essentials

In the last few years SARM has been focusing more efforts on how to build capacity in our members so they can just do what they do better!

Through SARM’s strategic planning process we realized that if we can help RMs build capacity in their council members and staff it would go a long way in driving the successes of individual RMs and all of rural Saskatchewan.

We wanted our members to have access to structured training on topics like Conflict Resolution, Conducting Effective Meetings, Time Management, Negotiation Skills, Leadership and Safety Leadership to name a few.   These are skills that council, administrators and foremen use every day but have no formal training in. That is why in 2015 SARM partnered with the Southeast College to offer “Municipal Management Essentials Training or MME.”

A great example of how these courses can help: there is nothing more unsatisfying than sitting around a council table for two days and not getting everything accomplished.  The “Conducting Effective Meeting” course can provide meeting organizers and participants with real tools they can use to run a more successful council meeting. With all the balls councils juggle, who couldn’t use this?

To view a complete listing of upcoming course in your area for 2019, please click MME Schedule 2019

For more detailed information or to register for any of these courses, please call us toll free at 1-866-999-7372.