SARM Supports Free Trade in an Era of Protectionism

For Immediate Release  SARM Supports Free Trade in an Era of Rising ProtectionismThe Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) supports free and fair-trade agreements between Canada and other trading partners. Trade agreements between countries help to ensure fair treatment of producers and businesses who export and import goods. SARM is monitoring the ongoing North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations that are occurring between Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is important for SARM members, and all of Canada, that a friendly solution be reached.  “We have concerns that trade barriers may emerge in the longstanding relationship between Canada and the U.S. if NAFTA is not renegotiated” said SARM President Ray Orb. SARM believes that trade agreements protect all parties involved from mistreatment and create a path for economic development and prosperity. “A good example of a trade issue is what’s occurring right now between Canada and India with the pulses sector and the impact it is having. We support trade agreements to avoid these issues” said President Orb. SARM is hopeful that the Government of Canada will be able to initiate trade agreements with China. China represents one of the world’s largest economies and it continues to grow. Strengthening trade ties with China would be a huge win for Saskatchewan producers and the provincial economy, as the province is home to world class meat and agriculture products for the export market. SARM supports diversifying Canada’s trade partnerships to ensure producers always have access to world markets. For more information please contact:- 30 -Jay MeyerExecutive Director(306) 761-3721 “SARM, the Voice of Rural Saskatchewan”