News Release: CETA’s Royal Assent Applauded by SARM

For Immediate Release

CETA’s Royal Assent Applauded by SARM The royal assent of the Canada European Union Comprehensive Trade Agreement(CETA) is positive news for SARM and its members. SARM has long supported CETA as its members and agriculture producers stand to benefit from the agreement. Royal assent of CETA marks the completion of this historic agreement. The European Union (E.U.) represents the world’s second largest market of over 500 million people. Tariffs and barriers to trade will be significantly reduced or altogether eliminated for Canadian exports and E.U. imports. This means that Saskatchewan producers will enjoy improved market access for their products. Almost 94% of E.U. agriculture tariffs will be duty free upon entry into force. CETA is a welcome boost for Saskatchewan’s strong agriculture sector. In recent years, the Saskatchewan economy has lagged due to low commodity prices in the oil and gas sector. However, the agriculture sector continues to a global leader and key economic sector. The royal assent of CETA will allow this sector to continue being a major contributor to the Saskatchewan economy. “SARM is pleased to see that CETA has received royal assent. This has been many years in the making and SARM thanks the federal government for their work on this file” said SARM President Ray Orb. For more information contact: Jay MeyerExecutive Director(306) 761-3721