Member Engagement in Advocacy

Since 1905, SARM has been advocating on behalf of all RMs across Saskatchewan on matters that affect your ability to govern your communities effectively.  We’ve done so by ensuring your collective voice is heard by senior levels of government at key points in the decision-making process.

A part of this advocacy strategy has also been to build your own capacity to engage in these efforts at the local level. In the past, information sharing was left to presentations at the Annual and Midterm Conventions, Division Meetings, and mass mail-outs.  Over the last couple of decades, however, we’ve seen municipal roles expand dramatically and the number of issues SARM deals with on your behalf follow suit.  These facts, as well as advancements in technology, have changed the way we communicate key messaging and updates on progresses made on each file to your offices. 

As part of our on-going efforts to effectively communicate with you on matters of utmost importance to your municipality, we’ve developed the “Member Engagement in Advocacy” document attached and located on the website under the QuickLinks on the left hand side.  In this document, we explain how SARM advocates on your behalf, provide an overview of our communication platforms, and make suggestions on how RMs can create local advocacy strategies to help address individual concerns with government and other bodies.