Reeve Removed from Office

For Immediate Release February 6, 2015

Reeve Removed from Office

The Reeve of the RM of Sherwood, Kevin Eberle, was removed from office yesterday based on the findings from an inquiry conducted by the Province in 2014.

The inquiry, meant to determine the appropriateness of the directions, actions or inactions of employees, agents or Council Members of the RM, found serious conflicts of interest and violations of the public trust by Mr. Eberle. “I was initially disappointed by the news that the Reeve had been removed but after reading the report it didn’t appear that the Minister had any other choice,” said Acting President Ray Orb. 

The report contained a number of recommendations to the Province in relation to the identification and disclosure of pecuniary interest. The Municipalities Act, according to the report, doesn’t sufficiently protect the public with respect to a pecuniary or conflict of interest nor is there an obligation under the Act for a Councillor with a pecuniary interest to disclose the particulars of the interest. The recommendations also speak to the development of a model Code of Ethics for RM Councils to amend as needed and adopt.

“We will review the report and recommendations in more detail and work with the Province on any improvements to The Municipalities Act and other guidance documents to better inform municipal representatives of their obligations”, concluded Acting President Orb.

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