Saskatchewan Municipalities to Recieve an Extra $8.3 million in Revenue Sharing

Saskatchewan Municipalities to Receive an Extra $8.3 million in Revenue Sharing

SARM is delighted by the recently announced $8.3 million increase in revenue sharing for municipalities in 2015-16, which will bring the total fund to a record high of $265.3 million.

The increase in revenue sharing highlights the growth the province is experiencing because the funding pool is based on provincial sales tax (PST). The portion of the PST that municipalities receive is an important component of a rural municipality’s (RM) annual budget.

“With economic growth comes additional expenditures for RMs so knowing what they will receive from the fund in advance allows them to better plan work they need to undertake to support future development,” said SARM President David Marit. Natural resource production and transportation require safe and efficient transportation networks that are expensive to provide and maintain. Revenue sharing is an unconditional funding stream for RMs that allows them to use funds to address such priority issues.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the Province for the increase in funding. The additional funds will really help out municipalities across the province”, said SARM President David Marit.

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