SARM Welcomes Agreement in Principle for CETA

SARM welcomes Prime Minister Harper’s announcement of an agreement in principle regarding the Canada European Union Trade Deal (CETA).

The agreement will allow Saskatchewan livestock and crop producers access to new markets based in the European Union which are estimated at $1.3 billion and allow them to ship more agricultural products like beef, pork, bison, and grains.  Tariffs will also be eliminated on grains, pulses and processed pulses. It will also open the market for other Canadian based businesses providing them preferential access to a market of approximately 500 million people. 

This agreement is welcome news as it will open new markets for Saskatchewan agriculture.; an industry that will be a key driver in the continued economic growth Saskatchewan is experiencing.

The agreement will also have implications for Saskatchewan municipalities as it will dictate that municipalities tendering projects would have to accept bids from European companies which would be given equal consideration with Canadian bidders. 

The CETA rules will allow the EU to bid on contracts of $7.8 million or more for construction services, about $631,000 for procurement by utilities entities and approximately $315,000 or more for goods and services contracts.

“We’re aware that this is just one step towards a final agreement that may still be years away but we see it as a positive step and we will continue to follow it as details are finalized”, said SARM President David Marit.

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