Forms for the Sale/Use of 2013 2% Liquid Strychnine are Now Available

In accordance with the restricted designation of 2% liquid strychnine, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture will be operating the Richardson’s Ground Squirrel Stewardship Program again in 2013. The program will be operating under the same parameters as before.

As in the past, producers are required to complete and sign a “Purchase Agreement Form” prior to receiving the product and are also required to complete a “Product Evaluation Form”, post treatment, and submit that form to the to the RM who will collect and send copies of these forms to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The “Integrated Pest Management for Richardson Ground Squirrels” fact sheet should be handed out with each initial purchase of the product.

Please find the forms to be used for the 2013 Richardson Ground Squirrel Stewardship Program below:

1. Product Evaluation Form
2. Purchase Agreement Form
3. “Integrated Pest Management for Richardson Ground Squirrels” Fact Sheet.

Ministry staff will consult with SARM prior to announcing the reporting periods which will be communicated to RMs at a later date. If you have any questions please give me a call.

Rich Wilkins
Provincial Specialist – Pesticide Regulatory
(306) 787-5207