SARM is pleased with Rural Investments in the Provincial Budget

SARM is pleased with the rural investments announced in today’s 2013-2014 Provincial Budget. The budget provides a $5.9 million increase to rural municipalities through unconditional municipal revenue sharing grants and a $2 million dollar increase to the SARM administered Municipal Roads for the Economy Program.

President Marit says, “During a time of fiscal restraint these funding increases reaffirm the government’s dedication to help fund the municipal infrastructure needed to foster continued economic growth. This commitment is important to rural Saskatchewan because the growing industries driving this province’s economy are located in rural municipalities.”

The Province is also committing to fully fund Growing Forward 2 programs, continuing to fund SARM administered pest control programs and encouraging irrigation opportunities in the province by providing $1 million in new funding to rehabilitate irrigation bridges in 2013. “Agriculture and agriculture producers are one of the primary drivers of our growing economy and a focus of the Premier’s Growth Plan so these investments are greatly appreciated,” says Marit.

“SARM also appreciates the $23.6 million investment in rural health services including the $10.5 million for continued support of the STARS helicopter ambulance program and funding for the new Rural Family Physician Recruitment Incentive Program,” concludes Marit.

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