2012-2013 Provincial Budget

The 2012 budget reaffirms the Province’s commitment to help address the unique concerns of rural Saskatchewan and to fiscal responsibility.

The provincial investment in the Municipal Roads for the Economy Program (MREP) stayed the same at $23.5 million in funding for 2012. “The continued investment in MREP demonstrates that the Province recognizes the need and importance of rural roads,” said David Marit, President of SARM.

In agriculture, the Province announced record coverage and funding levels for the 2012 Crop Insurance Program, including an Unseeded Acreage Benefit of up to $100 per eligible acre. The Provincial Rat Eradication Program (PREP) also received a funding increase of $250,000 for 2012. Other programs administered by SARM, including the Beaver Control and Feral Wild Boar programs, received continued funding for the next fiscal year. “Sustained funding for the control of problem beavers and wild boar in Saskatchewan and the extension of the Grain Bag Recycling Pilot Project are welcome news for our members,” said Marit.

Other items of note include a balanced budget and increased revenue sharing projections. “While we saw budget cuts in some ministries and limited increases in funding for others, the substantial increase in revenue sharing for municipalities is demonstrative of the Provinces’ appreciation for the growing demands on municipal governments,” concluded President Marit.

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