2011 RM Election forms now available online

In an effort to make the forms more readily accessible to the RMs, 2011 RM Election forms are now available on the SARM website. Click here to download the pdf file or the Word document and print as many as you require of each form. You will note that the form numbers now match those in The Local Government Election Regulations, 2006.

Ballots and the following election supplies remain available for purchase from the SARM Trading Department:

– Polling Booths
– Cardboard Ballot Boxes
– Metal Seals (2 seals required for each box)
– Paper Seals (2 seals required for each box)

If you have any questions regarding the forms or would like to order supplies listed above please contact Annette Ellert at 306.761.3722, email aellert@sarm.ca or fax 306.565.2141.