SARM Supports Premier’s Action on Crop Insurance

SARM supports Premier Wall’s timely response to the recent strike action taken by Saskatchewan Crop Insurance employees represented by SGEU. 

Saskatchewan farmers are facing a large number of unseeded acres. Under these conditions, farmers rely heavily on Crop Insurance for unseeded acreage payments to support the continuation of their operations. Without timely access to these payments many producers may find themselves unable to manage cropping expenses.

SARM President David Marit said, “Premier Wall’s actions indicate recognition of the vital importance of the services provided by Saskatchewan Crop Insurance and the Province’s commitment to Saskatchewan crop producers.”

SARM is currently in the middle of hosting its division meetings across southern Saskatchewan and has heard that in some areas farmers have seeded less than 10 percent of their intended crops. “We are aware of the realities facing producers this year and we thank Premier Wall for his response, said Marit.”

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