SARM Applauds the Federal Government’s Support for Changes to Rail Level of Service

On March 18th, as part of the Rail Freight Service Review, the Federal Government announced that it will enact legislation to give rail shippers the right to service agreements and help develop performance measures and dispute resolution mechanisms to increase the level of service in Canada.

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) applauds the federal government for recognizing the need for legislation to ensure improvements proceed.

“An effective rail transportation system is critical to the competitiveness of our agriculture sector and other rural based industries,” said SARM President David Marit. SARM was an active participant in the rail level of service review and asked for legislation to ensure rail service improvements occurred.

Marit said, “SARM thanks the government for their commitment to provide legislation and we now urge them to start this process immediately to minimize negative impacts for shippers.”

The lack of natural competition in Canada’s rail system is the reason why SARM felt that the regulation of rail level of service was so important. SARM will continue to follow the implementation of this legislation and provide input into the process.

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